TS treasury Employee Pay Slip – Telangana Employees & Teachers Monthly Payslip

TS Employee Pay Slip – Telangana Employees & Teachers Monthly Payslip via Treasury

Ts treasury is widely used by Telangana Employees and Teacher to view their monthly Payslip or salary, and if you are new and want to know about the easiest way to Check TS Employee And teachers monthly payslip then you are at the right place. Today in this guide we will show you the best way to access telangana treasury and view payslip and salary slip online. So just make sure that you follow the guide till the end.

Before the Online TS treasury every Telangana employee had to waste their time by going to the office and then checking offline, But Now thanks to Digital India you can check monthly Slips by just sitting at your home.

TS government has recently launched the online Portal for it’s users and employee where they can check Online Payslip and also it saves a lot of time, Now many of the users might now know how to Do registration and log in, So in the Guide, we will show you the best and fastest way to Access telangana Treasury. Not only this but those users who don’t have a laptop or computer can easily use this TS treasury online portal on their Mobile also.

Also, many users might think that Obtaining a Pay Slip online is a hard task and it is complicated also, but no that’s not true as this guide is based on starters so we will explain everything in the easiest way possible. Also if you ask us which is the easiest way to Get Pay Silp Online Using TS treasury or by Going to the Telangana treasury we will always recommend the online way which doesn’t require any special knowledge and every work can be done hassle-free.

As Per the reports by our Editorial team and sources, The Treasury department of TS government is providing this facility with the help of the “Directorate of Treasuries and Accounts” or from the website of “Integrated Financial Management and Information System which is also known as (IFMIS )

Telangana Treasury
Telangana Treasury

TS Treasury For Telangana Employees & Teachers Monthly Payslip

You guys might already know that who is responsible for providing all the finance and state government-related services, Incase, if you don’t know then TS Government and TS Treasury, is involved and Responsible for all these kind of Services. Not only this but the Telangana treasury also handles services like online Payslip/ Income Slip, GST, Budget, financial policies, TS pay Slip, TG treasury, and many other things that come under the government.

TS Pay Slip

TS payslip is a Pay Slip for Telangana users with which they can easily view all their Salary Details online without any hassle and problem, Now if you ask us that is Downloading TS Payslip via TS treasury online safe? So yes it is 100% safe as all you need to do is just access the portal using HTTPS protocol.

TG treasury

TG treasury is Telangana government department related to finance and taxation where all the salary Slip and Monthly pay Slip of employees is decided and prepared, Also keep this in mind that Telangana is a big state and there are many employees working there, So it is really hard for an individual or group of peoples to handle TS treasury alone so they have launched the online portal for Employees ease as well as their own ease which is a good thing.

Download Online TS Payslip Using TS Treasury

Now you are at thing part of the guide, You might already know that TS pay slip can be obtained simply online by accessing the Telangana treasury portal online, However, before you proceed towards that you have to complete the registration process which is a most important thing.

there are two ways to Obtain the TS pay slip out of which the first one is the easiest is by just following the guide below and second being the hardest which requires you to go to the Head office and their collecting all your required documents.

Check TS Pay Slip of Teachers and employees by Telangana Treasury at treasury.telangana.gov.in

  • First of all, you have to Visit the official website of TS treasury, Over there you will see many options. If you know the official website of Telangana treasury then its good but if you don’t know then you can simply visit the site by going to https://treasury.telangana.gov.in/ddoreq/index.php?service=emppayslippdf
TS Payslip
TS Payslip
  • Now as soon as you open that you will get the Employee Pay Slip option on your Screen.
  • In the Window, you will get 3 options Empcode, Mont and year
  • In the Empcode section, you have to enter your 7 digit employee code
  • In the month Section, you have to enter the month in the following format: Jan – 01, Feb – 02, Mar – 03, And So on..
  • In the Year Section, you have to enter the year of which year pay slip is required for example if you want to get of 2019 so just enter 2019.
  • Now that’s all !! all you need to Do is just hit on submit and you will get your respective monthly pay slip.

Download TS Pay Slip, Monthly Pay slip, Employee Pay Details via TS Treasury

If you are an employee of Telangana state and you want to Download a Monthly pay slip you can follow the details given below and download the TS payslip in pdf or txt format, The best thing is that you can download the pay slip in any format and share using your mail or WhatsApp, Not only this but also the Monthly Pay Slip is Downloaded from the official TS treasury server online


Check T.S. Pay Slip of Employee and Teachers via pdtreasury.telangana.gov.in (IFMIS)

incase if you guys are wondering what is IFMIS and what does it Stands for, So basically IFMIS means “INTEGRATED FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT & INFORMATION SYSTEM”. if you want to check your pay slip using the IFMIS method then you need an employee id or your bank account number, and if you have both of the numbers then you can follow the steps given below:

  • First, Visit the official website of (IFMIS) is https://ifmis.telangana.gov.in
  • Now you will see the following screen on your Laptop Or Computer

  • Now on the top of the screen, you will see an option named as “PAYSLIP”
  • Just tap on that, As soon as you tap on that you will see the following screen again.

  • in the above screen, you will be asked two Options out of which is the ” Employee Code ” and the other one is Account Number and after that, you have to tap on Search.
  • if you tap on Employee code then you have to Enter your Employee code which is 7 digits in Number
  • If you Tap on the Account number then you have to enter the account number you provided in the bank details.
  • As soon as you tap on Search you will see details like Name, Your DDO code, Your Registered mobile number, and Other Things.
  • Now if the details are correct then you have to tap on SEND OTP
  • Once you tap on SEND OTP you will receive OTP on the registered number.
  • After that, you have to Enter the OTP and then Tap on Submit OTP
  • That’s all!! Now You will be able to Download all the Required Pay slip and Salary Slip by Following the Above steps.

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In case if you want to See the Video Tutorial you can follow all the instructions by following the Guide below :

So this was all about the TS treasury we hope you were able to Download your payslip using the Telangana Treasury official website guide written by us. In case if you have any doubt feel free to write it down in the comments section below.

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