CRPF Pay and GPF: CRPF Home Pay Salary Slip Login Details

CRPF Pay and GPF necessary details & information, CRPF Salary Slip, CRPF Pay and GPF monthly pay slip, CRPF Ranks & CRPF Salary Structure. In this article, you can learn to login into the Official Login Portal of CRPF. Login portal of CRPF namely

CRPF stands for Central Reserve Police Force in India. It’s said to be India’s largest Central armed police force. CRPF functions under the Ministry of Home Affairs undertaking the Government of India. CRPF also exercises during emergencies as a paramilitary. CRPF plays a vital and major role in assisting the police in the States & Union Territories. Anyone can easily visit the official website or personal website of CRPF in order to view the salary slip as well as the pay slip. The official portal mentioned is On this website, all you need to do is fill in the required details such as username and password in the website. Once the details are correctly filled in, you can get the information of the payslip and salary slip of that particular employee of CRPF that you are looking for.

The official portal via which the CRPF officers and employees will receive their salary slip is mentioned to you in this particular article. Each and every individual employee of CRPF have access to choosing their desired username and password in order to log in to the official employee portal given on the official website of CRPF. This CRPF portal retains every information regarding each and every employee. Also, employee’s monthly salary information and payslip details are provided on the given official portal. Hence, the employees can anytime check their salary details and other related information anytime if they want to check.

CRPF Pay and GPF: CRPF Home Pay Salary Slip Login Details

Each and every employee of CRPF has smooth and easy access to their personal registered account. For you to check that out, you have to go to the official website and then from there go to the portal. Then you have to enter the required details correctly on the portal. All kind of work-related personal details and information is provided in the portal for every individual employee. The significance is that this portal can be accessed only by the current CRPF employees. Other than them, no one can have access to it.

CRPF Personal Login Portal System: Steps To Check Personal Login Portal

CRPF employees can easily check in to the CRPF home view pay 2021. There in the CRPF employees can have access to each and every kind of salary-related details and information. CRPF home view pay 2021 allows the employees to know their CRPF pay slip, salary slip details of every month, and so on. Also, keep in mind that only the current CRPF employees will have the access to use the login portal. In case, you are one of those who is currently an employee in CRPF but you are still facing difficulties in accessing your personal CRPF portal online, then don’t worry we have got you covered. This article will have step by step process on how to access a personal CRPF online portal for you. Detailed instructions have been provided below. So keep reading and you can follow all the steps as mentioned below :

  • In order to Login to the portal, visit the official website of CRPF i.e.
  • You will arrive on the home page
  • On the topmost part of the home page, you will find a list of buttons
  • Click on “Employee Login” (Dte.Gen)which is the last button on the list
  • Another page will be redirected
  • A new window showing the portal login system will pop up on the screen
  • You will be asked to enter your details into the portal login system.
  • Details needed to be filled will be Username, password, and insert Captcha code appearing on the screen
  • Fill in all the details correctly and to the best of your knowledge
  • In case, the Captcha is missing or is unavailable then press the refresh button
  • Another Captcha will be provided
  • After filling in the correct details along with the correct Captcha code, press the Submit button in the portal login system
  • You will be now logged into the portal
  • Now, you can easily check your Pay Slip, Salary Slip, and other related information and details.

Important: Note down that anyone accessing the Login portal system will get a maximum of 5 attempts only to fill in the correct username and password. In case you enter an incorrect password 5 times already, then immediately the user ID gets deactivated. Your user ID will remain deactivated for a day i.e. 24 hours.

CRPF Login Portal System: How to View CRPF Pay Slip in Mobile

The above-mentioned procedure serves for Computer, PC/ Laptop based system. The way to login the system portal above was explained by login to the official website only. Here, we will tell you how to easily avail the CRPF Salay Slip and Payslip on your mobile. This can be done through the CRPF app available on smartphones. In order to access the CRPF Salary slip on your phone, all you have to do is go ahead and follow these simple steps mentioned below in detail and you will be sorted. The steps given below are :

  • First thing first, check if you are connected to an active and fast internet connection on your smartphone/ mobile
  • If you are an Android user, the go the play store
  • Type “CRPF PAY” on the search bar of play store
  • Press the Install button
  • Once the app is installed, press the Open Button
  • Once you open the app, you will find a similar login portal that we have discussed above
  • Next up you will be asked to enter your details such as username and password
  • Insert Captcha will also appear on the screen
  • Once you have entered all the details correctly, press on the Submit Button
  • You will then be redirected to your Own User ID
  • There you can easily view your salary slip, payslip, and other necessary details.

The good part about using the CRPF PAY mobile app is that one can readily download the pdf format of their salary slip. You can store the Pdf for any further reference on your phones. In this way, the employee will have a record of their Salary slip with them which they can view anytime even in the absence of any kind of internet connection.

CRPF Salary 2021: Monthly Salary Slip, Pay Scale, Grade Pay, Basic Pay, and Total Pay

The CRPF which is our Central Reserved Police Force comes directly under Central Government. Hence, their pay scale or salary provided to them is in accordance to the norms and rules of the Central Government. A good increase in the salary structure and in the pay scale was seen for all the Central government employees after the 7th pay commission came. Hence this included the CRPF too.

The complete detailed information regarding the salary scale of CRPF employees is available right here in this article. It includes Pay Scale, Pay Band, Grade Pay, Basic and Total Pay. Also, a detailed explanation of the salary structure is provided here in this article. The description is provided according to the ranks of the officers. It will start from the first rank of the officers to the senior-most rank of the officers in order.

If any of you wish to verify or check your salary slip and pay slip, you can easily check it by following few simple steps mentioned above in this post. You will be guided through a step-by-step process in order to get your work completed. The official website of CRPF is Through this official website, you can access your salary slip and can also get the home view pay.

CRPF Rank Wise Salary 2021: Pay Band, Grade Pay, Basic Pay

In CRPF Force, we have 15 total ranks. The salary information with details of every CRPF employee is mentioned below. The ranks are mentioned in order along with the detailed salary of the CRPF employee before the 7th CPC and after the 7th CPC. All the details are tabulated below in the given table.

Please Note: This Guide need updates and all the information given here may be or maybe not Accurate, We always recommend you to cross-check with the official Website for Updated information

Rank Pay Band (Before 7 CPC) Pay Band (After 7 CPC) Grade Pay (Before 7 CPC) Grade Pay (After 7 CPC)

Constable 5,200 – 20,200 15,600 – 60,600 2,000 7,200
Head Constable 5,200 – 20,200 15,600 – 60,600 2,400 9,400
Assistant Sub Inspector 5,200 – 20,200 15,600 – 60,600 2,800 10,400
Sub Inspector 9,300 – 34,800 27,900 – 1,04,400 4,200 12,600
Inspector 9,300 – 34,800 27,900 – 1,04,400 4,600 13,800
Subedar Major 9,300 – 34,800 27,900 – 1,04,400 4,800 14,400
Assistant Commandant 15,600 – 39,100 46,800 – 1,17,300 5,400 16,200
Deputy Commandant 15,600 – 39,100 46,800 – 1,17,300 6,600 19,800
Second-in-Commandant 15,600 – 39,100 1,12,200 – 2,01,000 7,600 22,800
Commandant 37,400 – 67,000 1,12,200 – 2,01,000 8,700 26,100
Deputy Inspector General (DIG) 37,400 – 67,000 1,12,200 – 2,01,000 8,900 30,000
Inspector General (IG) 37,400 – 67,000 1,12,200 – 2,01,000 10,000 35,000
Additional Director General (ADG) 67,000 – 79,000 2,10,000 – 2,25,000                 –                  –
Special Director General (SDG) 75,500 – 80,000 2,25,000 – 2,30,000                 –                  –
Director General (DG) 80,000 (Fixed) 2,50,000 (Fixed)                 –                  –

In the below-given table, all the details such as the Employee’s rank, CRPF Employee’s, Pay Band before the 7th PCP, Pay Band after the 7th CPC, Grade Pay before 7th PCP, and Grade Pay after the 7th CPC are mentioned and are tabulated correctly. The ranks mentioned in the table are in ascending order format. For Instance, the first rank quoted in the table is the lowest rank in order. So on the ranks after the foremost rank will be a step higher than the first rank and so on. Hence the ranks one after the other are in increasing order. The last rank mentioned is the senior-most officer rank in the CRPF force. Let’s go through the table below for detailed information regarding the rank and the salaries provided to all the employees of CRPF. Have a quick look into the table below :

Risk Allowances, Financial Assistance Other CRPF Accommodations Given

CRPF employees get some added facilities and few allowances along with their salary as provide by the Central government. These extra allowances are given so that the CRPF employees can lead a decent life and are able to take care of their families. The government has various schemes through which via which the government gives the CRPF employees various add-on benefits and good accommodation. Some of the benefits and allowances provided by the government to CRPF employees will be mentioned below.

School Facilities For Children

The children and kids of the CRPF personnel are given school facilities across the country. There are around 55 Montessori schools with branches throughout our country where any child, kid or children are eligible to get admission if they belong to the family of the CRPF officer or CRPF employee.

Financial Assistance For CRPF employee’s Family

If there’s a case of medical emergency or any property damage case or even critical life damage case Or any natural calamity occurs, then the family and every member of the CRPF personnel will get financial assistance from the government. Also, medical assistance from the government will be provided. Many hospitals and it’s branches all across India come under a pact with the government. Hence these hospitals almost provide free medical support to the CRPF employees and their families. The government also provides the CRPF officials with some loan facility which is limited. This can be used by them for their children’s education, to buy any vehicle or to build a house

Welfare Of Disabled Personnel Education Scholarship

This particular facility is available for that CRPF personal who are having only 2 children. The number of seats in the field of education. For MBBS there is a quota available for 15 seats and for BDS it’s 3 seats. This also includes the hospital as well as the medical allowance every month.

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Retired Personnel Welfare Scheme

  • This scheme offers help in the re-employment Or resettlement of the employees of the CRPF who have retired
  • This scheme assists financial support in case of any treatment of the retired CRPF employee and the wife in some exceptional cases.
  • This scheme says 9 seats for MBBS are reserved and 2 seats for BDS are reserved in medical examination for CRPF personnel’s ward every year on the basis of his/her merit.
  • CRPF ex-personnel’s girl child gets a scholarship amount of Rs. 27,000 boy child gets Rs. 24,000 in order to pursue various technical and other professional courses.

Discussed above are the few benefits and extra allowances that are provided to the CRPF employees and their families by the government of India. There is a number of other benefits which are not discussed or mentioned above. Each and every year some changes are made in these welfare schemes by the government so you can keep a check on these schemes regularly.

CRPF FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions About CRPF)

Q: How to login to the CRPF personal login portal system?

A: The detailed step-by-step explanation of how to login to the CRPF personal login portal system of the CRPF employees is explained in the article above. Also, you can click on the link that will directly take you to the login portal system.

Q: What is the salary of a CRPF Sub Inspector?

A: The salary of a Sub Inspector in CRPF ranges from Rs. 27,900 – 1,04,400 (after 7th CPC), and the Grade Pay after the 7th Pay Commission has been increased to Rs.12,600. Look into the salary chart given above in this article for all ranks.

We hope this article will be helpful to the readers. For any queries please write them down in the comment section below.

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