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CFMS Bill Status Check Online Here

CFMS Bill Status is here and if you are also Interested to Check Citizen Bill status of the year 2019 then you are at right place. Today we are here with the Guide to check CFMS challan Status. In this world of every thing digital every government is trying to bring everything online and so Andhra pradesh government has decided to Launch their online portal where all the AP citizens can check APCFMS bill status at their home itself.

Now when you are at this guide you might be searching the easiest way to access the Andhra pradesh Citizen bill status, and we have a good news for you guys as the government has provided the facility for their citizens to check everything online including the CFMS challan as well, Incase if you don’t know the full form of CFMS so it is also known as Comprehensive Financial Management System which manages all the Bill Status and almost every thing of the AP government.

Andhra Pradesh is undoubtedly a very big state, the state consists of 13 Districts and if we talk about the Geographical structure of the State so it is also the 7th biggest State in India area wise, So now when you know about Andhra pradesh you might already know that how much difficult it would be to handle the work manually, So for Citizens ease as well as government’s ease they have Released the Online Comprehensive Financial Management System So in this guide below we will show you the Easiest way to Check CFMS bill status online.


CFMS Bill Details & Status Check by CFMS Bill Number

Now in the Below guide we will mention all the steps with which you can See CFMS bill Details by just entering the Bill Number provided by the government, Also we will try to explain all the steps in the most Easiest way so that you can easily Check your all Details online so without wasting Much time let’s start the Guide:

  • First of all you have to Visit the AP Govt. Official Website which is :
  • Now As soon as you open that you will see Many Options on the screen like Login,Help Desk.
  • Now you have to tap on Bill status, As soon as you tap on bill status you will see following screen :

  • Now you have to Enter the two Following Details
  • Year : For the Year you want the Bill
  • Bill No : The bill Number you want Bill Status
  • Thats all !!! this is How you can Easily Get the Bill Status.

CFMS Challan Status

The another thing which users search after the Bill status is the Cfms Challan Status So if you also Want to Search for the CFMS challan then follow the Guide below:

In the First Step we have explained the Steps to get Bill Status but in the second step we will show you how to get Challan Status:

  • First of all you have to Visit the Official Government Website of AP Government here :
  • Now as soon as you open that you will get Option to tap on Challan Status, So just tap on that:
  • Now you will get Following screen on the Display :

  • Now you have to Tap on Know Your Challan
  • Know In the CFMS transaction Id : You have to Enter the Transaction Id for which you have to get the challan
  • Now in the Department Transaction Id : You have to Enter the Department Transaction id
  • Challan Number : You have to Enter the Challan Number For which you have to get Challan number
  • Bank Reference id : Now you have to enter the Bank Reference Id
  • That’s all This is how you can get CFMS Challan Status online.

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We have Mentioned here the most two important services provided by AP government for it’s employees, also there are many other services which you can Access Without any problem also if you want help in any of the other services you can Comment down below we will Write A Detailed guide on that as well.

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We Made this guide as simple as possible, Also if you are not able to Understand this Then you can See the video and follow all the easy process we have given over there.

So this is How you can get CFMS challan status and  CFMS Bill Status online, We hope you were able to Get all the required details with the help of our Guide in case if you have any doubt feel free to write down in the comments section below. Also the guide is updated with Latest method to check cfms bill status online.

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